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Introducing the power of dimensional mutation in the digital age, AceCHEMY is improved as the innovative force behind all the technological activities of AceHOOD. AceCHEMY is the modern ‘alchemy’ where classical materials/matter are scientifically transmuted or transformed to become lighter and sophisticated through a unique process called ‘quantum mutation’. 


Particle Mutation 

Particle Mutation is our process of reducing the quantum dimensions of matter/material such as graphite to produce lighter carbon materials such as graphene. It is the process where materials are transformed from one dimension to another dimension; for example a mutation process from 3-dimension graphite to 2-dimension graphene, or 2-dimension graphene to 1-dimension graphone.  


There are two major process for commercially producing Graphene; that’s the top-down process (through Chemical/mechanical Exfoliation) and the bottom-up process (through Chemical Vapour Disposition). At Ace Universal Enclave, we apply the central-medium process or the quantum mutation process to commercially produce Graphene; for our Compound Embedded Processing Systems (CEPS) in all our AceHOOD Model-Technologies. 

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