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AceHOOD Access for Intricate Margin (AIM) is the Model Technology Modification (MTM) program for developing Substantive Innovation of AceHOOD field-based model-technologies. It is the technical provision for AceHOOD Workshop  developers and AceHOOD technology users to modify the basic functions  of AceHOOD technologies to address challenges that are substantive to the functionalities of the model-technology.


The modification for a Substantive Innovation mechanics of AceHOOD  is the ability for a model technology to be modified of its basic functionalities. Here, the basic functionalities of the model technology can be reduced or improved to meet unique specification of the developer. 


The Modification for a Substantive Innovation represents a paradigm shift in the design and approach and implement of groundbreaking changes with the performances of the technology. Unlike incremental improvements, substantive innovation introduces transformative ideas and methodologies that redefine the model of design, challenging existing norms and fostering unprecedented progress for a particular exercise or service.

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