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Cosmic AnthroTECH

NewACE AnthroTECH is the first SEAL of Ace Universal Enclave’s COSMIC Supremacy that addresses the first principle of human controlled civilization; thus the “Human Sense of “Natural Identity” also termed as the “Conscious Imperial Anthropology”.  It is a Conscious Information Program (CIP) for developing the progressive transformation of human anthropology in the COSMIC Cottage.  (A program of COSMIC Intelligence that enables COSMIC-ware technologies to interact with the anthropological construct of humans to appreciate thoughts). 



 According to Ace Universal Enclave, Human Sense of Natural Identity is the first principle of re-evolution or civilization which addresses the program and development of human species in the center of access of natural phenomenon.  It specifically treats the process of development of the human species in the light of evolution. And in the journey for COSMIC Supremacy, our aim is to unravel and project the conscious provisions of human anthropology in the environment of our terrestrial host of civilization. 


NewACE AnthroTECH is the first Extended Project for the 100 Years development project for “Complete Conscious Project” or COSMIC Supremacy. It is scientifically proven and a common practice that the human race is the controls the course of civilization on Earth. In other words the status of civilization have been either directly or indirectly determined by human actions. This is due to the fact that the “Conscious Vibration” of the human race is greater than any other natural object on the Earth; and that is the very reason why the human race can control other natural objects into different forms. The construct of human anthropology is described and determined by the status of human Conscious Vibration; by which humanity apply to control nature. The NewACE AnthroTECH is a technological exercise that aims at developing the technological construct of human anthropology for progressive engineering to the level where humanity can become complete COSMIC Beings. It is a cardinal approach for human migration from the status of Human Beings to COSMIC Beings. 

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