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Cosmic ProtoSHIP

Cosmic ProtoSHIP

COSMIC ProtoSHIP is the third SEAL of Ace Universal Enclave’s COSMIC Supremacy that addresses the third principle of human controlled civilization; thus the “Human Sense of Natural Alignment” also termed as the “Conscious of Terrestrial Scaling”.  It is a Conscious Information Program (CIP) for developing ‘cardinal characters’ of natural provisions for re-evolution in the COSMIC Cottage.  (A program of COSMIC Intelligence that enables COSMIC-ware technologies to interact with the compound sections of the terrestrial structure of the Earth).


The Human Sense of Natural Alignment is the concept of humans ability to associate or make relationship with the natural setup of a given environment through technology by acknowledging or understanding the constructive items for its setup. In the quest of COSMIC Supremacy, the goal is to ensure that conscious technologies have the ability to flow with the evolution of the Earth for development, application and sustainability. In the COSMIC Cottage every conscious technology must be conscious of the technological construct or object of the Earth; and for every technology to operate as cell that contribute to the re-evolution structure of the Earth.   


COSMIC ProtoSHIP is the third Extended Project for the 100 Years development project for “Complete Conscious Project” or COSMIC Supremacy. As part of developing complete conscious technological systems, the ProtoShip is a Multi-Modal Transport innovation that seamlessly operates in the four nature-systems of the Earth’s terrestrial structure: thus the ecosystem, aqua-system, aero-system and excrete system. The COSMIC ProtoSHIP is designed to have the ability to move on land, in water, through the air and through invisibility. 

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