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Cosmic SUPA-Board

Cosmic SUPA-Board

COSMIC SUPA-Board is the fourth SEAL of Ace Universal Enclave’s COSMIC Supremacy that addresses the fourth principle of human controlled civilization; thus the “Human Sense of Natural Innovation” also termed as the “Conscious Exigent Formation”.  It is a Conscious Information Program (CIP) for developing intelligent technologies after the order of the evolution program, process and product of the Earth  in the COSMIC Cottage.  (A program of COSMIC Intelligence that enables COSMIC-ware technologies to move in alignment and compliance with the complete evolution energy of the Earth in the Universe). 


The Human Sense of Natural Innovation explains the art of human ability to create, design or innovate (form, reform and transform) something after the pattern of a given natural object, item or system.  But the ultimate goal of COSMIC Supremacy is to develop technologies after the mold of the conscious provisions of the Earth; with a uniform design that releases the dimensions of consciousness for reformation and manipulation to suit execute most difficult tasks. Moreover, concerning the development of conscious technologies in the COSMIC Cottage, the goal is to ensure that COSMIC-ware technologies identifies the architecture of the Earth so that they can be effectively function in compliance with the constituents of the evolving host. 


COSMIC Symmetric Utility for Paradigm Access (SUPA) Board is the fourth Extended Project for the 100 Years development project for “Complete Conscious Project” or COSMIC Supremacy. The electrical or electronic performance of a technology is based on the operational or functional design of a circuit board that arranges the mode of release and transfer of electricity or electric charges. For the release of Cosmic energy (that is produced as a result of symmetric balance of astrometric and quantum fields charges), the property and quality of material, as well as the model of release and arrangement of cosmic charges are the most important considerations. The SUPA board is a cosmic charge board that enables the release and arrangement astrometric and quantum(astro-quantum) energies as cosmic/conscious charges for the development of conscious oriented technologies. 

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