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Cosmic TerresTRACK

Cosmic TerresTRACK

COSMIC TerresTRACK is the sixth SEAL of Ace Universal Enclave’s COSMIC Supremacy that addresses the sixth principle of human controlled civilization; thus the “Human Sense of Natural Colonization” also termed as the “Conscious Colonization State”. It is a Conscious Information Program (CIP) for technologically engaging the ‘in-formation matrix’ of the Earth for technological control in the COSMIC Cottage.  (A program of COSMIC Intelligence that enables COSMIC-ware technologies to receive and harness natural and artificial information from the Earth through the Conscious Belt of the Earth). 


The Human Sense of Natural  Colonization is the deep desire and exercise of humans to subject the objects, items, systems and constituents of an environment under their culture. It is another cardinal way of influencing or contributing to the course of the Earth’s re-evolution. The Conscious Belt of the Earth is the terrestrial storage of information of all the activities of the Earth. Here, COSMIC-ware technologies shall be enabled to contribute  to the Earth’s evolution process so that human activities through technologies on Earth will b in line with the evolution of the Earth. 


COSMIC Terrestrack is the first Extended Project for the 100 Years development project for “Complete Conscious Project” or COSMIC Supremacy. The COSMIC Terrestrack is the first Terrestrial Evolution-Tracking Technology that is specially constructed to orbit the Conscious Belt (CB) of the Earth to converge Cosmic-waves from the Earth’s Conscious Belt and dispatch them as packet of Conscious Signals. This technology shall enable the effective monitoring of the evolution of the terrestrial construction of the Earth that shall contribute to the development of conscious technologies that operates within the orbit of the Earth’s consciousness and evolution. 

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