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Cosmic Trans-Portal

Cosmic Trans-Portal

COSMIC Trans-Portal is the seventh SEAL of Ace Universal Enclave’s COSMIC Supremacy that addresses the seventh principle of human controlled civilization; thus the “Human Sense of Natural Sustainability” also termed as the “Conscious Sustainable Integration”.  It is a Conscious Information Program (CIP) for ensuring the sustainability of technological applications and its relationship with human thoughts in the COSMIC Cottage. (A program of COSMIC Intelligence that enables COSMIC-ware technologies to navigate the dimensions of the cosmic field through dimensional portals created by astro-quantum balance ). 


COSMIC Trans-Portal is the first Extended Project for the 100 Years development project for “Complete Conscious Project” or COSMIC Supremacy. If energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it means that everything the exist at point of being conscious of everything. Further, if energy can be transformed from one state to another; it means that matter is subjective to the modification of consciousness. The COSMIC Trans-Portal is a technology that enables objects to be modified or transformed from one dimension to another through a uniform portal of the Earth’s Terrestrial Circuit. 

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