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AceHOOD Adroit for Core Template  (ACT) is the Model Technology Modification (MTM) program for developing Supplementary Innovation of AceHOOD field-based model-technologies.  It is the technical provision for AceHOOD Workshop developers and AceHOOD technology users to develop supplementary objects, items and systems to sustain the operation and functionality of AceHOOD model-technology. 


Modification of Supplementary Innovation mechanics enables AceHOOD Workshop developers to develop innovative attachment that function along with a model-technology for sustainability and efficiency of functionalities. The supplementary innovations are to manage and monitor the progress of a model-technology.


It is also a strategic approach that focuses on developing new functionalities or processes that enhance and seamlessly integrate with other existing technological systems, creating synergies and maximizing overall efficiency. This approach fosters a dynamic ecosystem where innovation builds upon what already exists, contributing to sustainable and evolutionary progress


Modification of Supplementary Innovation is a strategic and systematic approach to advancing technology ecosystems by building upon existing foundations. By creating synergies and enhancing the capabilities of established systems, organizations can achieve sustainable growth and adaptability of model-technologies in evolving technological landscape. 

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