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AceHOOD Adroit for Core Template  (ACT) is the Model Technology Modification (MTM) program for developing Subsidiary Innovation of AceHOOD field-based model-technologies.  It is the technical provision for Workshop developers and AceHOOD technology users to develop subsidiary templates from  a model-technology to provide a unique  functionality  of AceHOOD technologies. 


Modification of Subsidiary Innovation refers to the dynamic process by which individual subsidiaries within a larger model-technology structure actively engage in innovative practices to create new products, services, or operational efficiencies. This approach fosters a culture of advancement within each subsidiary while aligning with the overarching goals and strategies of the model-technology.


Modification of Subsidiary Innovation represents a strategic approach to cultivating innovation within the model-technology framework, leveraging the developing potential of individual subsidiaries to drive overall innovative growth. By fostering a culture of autonomy, collaboration, and adaptability, companies can position themselves to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.


Subsidiary Innovation mechanics enables an AceHOOD workshop developer to create a subsidiary technologies from the model-technology. It is the process of engineering the Core Template of model-technology by acknowledging the technical composition of the complementary parts of the model-technology. 


Modification Subsidiary Innovation starts with the ability to disintegrate a model-technology into various significant parts and developing the parts with special qualities of the developer. It is the process of improving the functionalities of a model-technology by engineering the significant compartments of the model-technology. 

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